Presentation: CN-ECT for Mathematics – Fostering Critical Thinking Skills in a Networked Collaborative Environment.

Presented by: Nur Johari Bin Salleh, Thomas Yeo Chean Hiang
Session 1: 1030-1125
Session 3: 1330-1425

“CN-ECT for Mathematics” is one of the 4 research initiatives that SST embarks for the FS@SG programme. Classroom Networks - Educational Collaboration Technology for Mathematics focuses on fostering critical thinking and deepening conceptual understanding of mathematics topics supported by highly collaborative technologies. This aligns with the school’s vision to develop students to become “creative thinkers and Innovators” who are “collaborative and independent problems solvers”. In addition, this research initiative will study how to engender long term pedagogical change in teacher practice by considering the structure of the classroom, including curricular resources, professional development and assessments, which is a sustainable approach to innovations.

This presentation focuses on the pedagogical approaches as well as the supporting asynchronous environment to support students learning in a Maths classroom. Through the demonstration, participants will get to learn how the pedagogy is weaved into the activities in the collaborative networked environment.

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