Presentation: Fostering Critical Thinking Skills and In-situ Knowledge Building through Mobile Learning

Presented by: James Koh Peng Huat, Aurelius Yeo, Evelyn Teo Yi Leng, Kassandra Lim Lay Han
Session 2: 1130-1230
Session 4: 1430-1525

This project is one of the 4 research initiatives that SST embarks for the FS@SG programme. It aims to examine the affordances of 1-to-1 mobile technologies that support and enable pervasive knowledge building beyond the four walls of the classroom.

The advent and advances of mobile computing and social networking have made possible the continuity of the learning experience and collaboration across different contexts on a seamless learning platform. Thus, the design of learning scenarios to help students develop critical thinking and collaborative meaning-making skills forms one of the fundamental objectives of this research project.

Research has been conducted on learning activities that use mobile technologies to reinforce learning by bridging the gap between theory and the real world observation; where students are able to directly and physically explore our world for in-situ knowledge building.

Through the demonstration and hands-on with the mobile learning platform developed, participants will get to experience how the lesson unfolds through three stages. We would also share with you findings from implementations carried out to-date.

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